Will Ardell's powerful and immediately recognizable voice is a testament to the expression of art and to yearning in all of all us to be heard above the din of our surroundings. 

As one Cam Fuller from the Star Phoenix said of Will's voice  "He may not be millionaire but he sounds a lot like Cash"  

 Born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan the beauty and realness of urban life is brought alive in the lyrics in a way only Will Ardell can.  

In 2009 Will Ardell released his first music by request, after posting some of his home demos for people to hear. Will had recorded the music on his digital recorder.   He sold 1500 copies from New York to Australia!  
By 2010 Will was up and running as a professional musician. Joining the  Southwest Saskatchewan Country Music Tour that year and by 2011 he was off to Nashville to record with the esteemed Steve Rutledge. Will released his first record "All About the Ride" in 2012. A unique two disc Country-Rock album. The albums two videos did extremely well "Save Me", a catchy upbeat love song and "Make Me a Man" a moving lyrical tribute to his late father had combined views of over 550,000 thousand. "Save Me" was Will Ardell's first release to country radio and broke the top 40. Is it any wonder in 2013 he earned the title of 2013 SCMA Rising Star.  
In 2014 Will followed up with next record "Reckless" . An album Will Ardell recorded again in Nashville with the help of some talented friends like T.W. Cargile who works with one of Will's musical idol's Jamey Johnson. The record "Reckless" has a more Americana Folk sound to it than his previous recordings, with less of a focus on traditional radio friendly music. The album still did well and continues to impact radio in the UK, Europe and Americana and online radio. "Reckless" also caught the attention of his peers in Saskatchewan and he was once again nominated for several SCMA awards including video of the year for "Ten Thousand Candles". 
By the end of the 2015 music year Will Ardell has a total of 15 SCMA nominations, including Male Artist of the year and Folk Artist of the year. Clearly showing the industry acknowledges Will's great talents across the country genre. Will Ardell has been known to rock out "I'm a little tea pot" during sound check to bringing goose bumps and tears to his audiences eyes. One listener was quoted after hearing Will's latest release "His voice is hauntlying beautiful. I don't listen to country any more but I'll listen to Will Ardell. He reminds me of Johnny Cash and Waylon those guys I use to listen to with my Dad!!"
Will Ardell continues to write and record, with a beautiful and moving single released in 2020, "Beautiful Kind".  The first single off his upcoming album "The Truth", to be released in early 2021. A collection of heartfelt songs that will challenge the listener to feel. 


Beautiful Kind available now on all your favourite streaming sites. Download today.

Beautiful Kind available now on all your favourite streaming sites. Download today.