Will Ardell's powerful and immediately recognizable voice is a testament to the expression of art and to the yearning in all of us to be heard above the din of our surroundings. 
As the late  Cam Fuller from the Star Phoenix said of Will's voice “He may not be millionaire, but he sounds a lot like Cash"   Born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan the beauty and ruggedness of a well travelled rural life is brought alive in the lyrics in a way only Will Ardell can. Will Ardell entered the professional music scene in 2009 and was a musician of note from the moment he stepped on to a professional stage. In a world where stories are told of professional musicians first picking up a guitar at age 6 and entering every music and talent show in the area by age ten, not only was Ardell’s sound different so was his story. Never picking up a guitar until the age of 19, his unique voice and gift were hidden from the world. What his family and friends did know was Will was a national award-winning poet. In the quiet of his room after the long days of working the family farm , Ardell was an avid poet and had amassed a vast collection of poetry at a young age. His poetry won him local and national awards. Perhaps the years of poetry writing helped Ardell become the prolific songwriter he is today. 
By 2015 Will Ardell had an amassed an astounding 15 SCMA nominations and the title 2013 Rising Star. Despite the awards and almost breaking the Top 50 Canadian Trax charts, the music Ardell was putting out didn’t feel completely legitimate to him. There are some songs off his first two albums Will still takes pride in, “Make Me A Man” “Give em Hell”, “Chains”, and he has a certain amount of pride in his unique double album “All About The Ride”, with its country music A side and Heavy Rock B side; a feat never accomplished by any other “country artist”. Will has always been at heart a humble man and was never comfortable with the image or brand being put out in the early part of his career. After a two-year hiatus from the studio, but not the stage, Will released his first song foreshadowing his new look, sound, and brand. His posts were often accompanied with the hashtag Raw, Real Authentic. A fan of writers such as Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnston, Waylon Jennings, and Jason Isbell their influence and Ardell’s eagerness to write music with timeless meaningful lyrics would soon be evident in his first release since his last album in 2014. The song released in 2016, “Breakin Fences” is an autobiographical song of Ardell’s journey in the music industry and life to date. It would be another four years before Will would release another song. 
 In October of 2020 he released “Beautiful Kind, ” the first single off his upcoming Record “The Truth”. 
Embracing the artist within him, and his authentic sound more than ever, “Raw, Real, Authentic” is not just a brand - it is Will Ardell. It is who he is in life and who he is in music. Making his listener and audience feel, is his goal, not awards. Over 200,000 streams on his single “Spokes in The Wheel” is humbling and “cool,” but touching people through music - that’s humbling and powerful. 
 "The Truth", to be released some time in 2022. A collection of heartfelt songs that will challenge the listener to feel.



Songs In the Dark- The 5th single from The Truth. Click on the single to download

The 4th single off Will Ardell's upcoming album. Available on all streaming sites.

Beautiful Kind available now on all your favourite streaming sites. Download today.

Wounded Kids

Released Feb 2021

Available on all streaming sites. Wounded Kids a song not for the soft hearted.

Highway to the Sun The 3rd release off Will Ardell's upcoming record "The Truth". Loosely based on the movie Mad Max, Highway to the Sun is unlike anything being released right now!

Highway To The Sun Raw Real Authentic